Spellbinders Vintage Hexagon Bowl – Deep Etched Dies

This project made my heart happy. When I was a little girl, my grandma taught me to crochet. We would spend hours together sitting outside of her little apartment in Queens crocheting the afternoon away. So many wonderful memories. If it wasn’t right, she would tell me to “rip it out” and make me start over. We always laughed when she told me to rip it out because I think she actually enjoyed it lol. But I knew she was right. I learned so much from her and I miss her dearly.

One Christmas, I remember her making this really cool bowl with old Christmas cards, a hole punch tool and some crochet thread. I still have the bowl and it comes out every Christmas to hold my cards in it. It still makes me smile remembering all the fun times we had together. When I saw that Spellbinders came out with dies that make these same bowls, I could not resist getting them! The best part is that the dies do all the hard work for you. No cutting up old cards and punching holes all around and hoping everything lines up. All you need to do is pick out your paper and die cut it. Then you can sit back and relax and crochet everything together. You will have to do a little sewing at the end, but I promise it is very easy!!!

I used the vintage handcrafted hexagon base and side bowl deep etched dies to make this bowl, but they also have a square base and side bowl die set as well. The best thing about these dies is that they are all interchangeable. You can mix and match all of the bases and sides to make whatever type of bowl or box you want. The stitching is all the same and the holes on the dies line up no matter what configuration you choose. I am so excited to make more!!

You can go online for detailed instructions on the card stock to use, how to assemble, what crochet stitch to use and how to bind it all together with a needle. Here is a link to the video I used to step me through the process.

For reference, I used a 2.0 crochet hook (you can probably go smaller if you have), beautiful 300gsm cardstock from HunkyDory Crafts, and crochet thread I bought on Amazon.

Thanks, Spellbinders, for bringing back so many happy memories!

Here are a few pics using the square box die’s….

I hope you give these projects a try. I think you will really love them and you will be surprised at how easy it is. Thanks for joining me and Happy Crafting!