Stretching Your Dies – Create a Mini Book with the Rectangle Pop Out Insert Dies

Who doesn’t like to get more from your craft supplies? It is always fun to use your dies in other ways. have a really cute project to share with you that is so simple to make. In the May card kit, there was a die set included called the Rectangle Pop Out Insert dies that was intended to be used inside the card. The “pop out” could include messages, pictures, other die cuts…. basically however you wanted to decorate it. Here is a link to the video introducing the May card kit.

Using your rectangle pop out insert die from The Stamps of Life , I’ll show you how you can make a mini book or photo journal with just a few pieces of paper. I have a few more ideas on other ways you can use this die set so tune in soon to check them out!

Here’s the 7 minute video…

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. I’d be happy to provide any measurements you need. Happy Crafting!