Fun fold card – creating a teepee or pyramid card

There are lots of fun fold cards that you can make but this one is so simple and looks like you spent a long time working on it. This card is called a teepee card or sometimes a pyramid card. Basically you start with a few squares that are 5.5 inches but in all honesty you could start with any size squares if you wanted to modify the overall size of the card.

Here are the measurements and assembly instructions:

  • You’ll need 3 squares cut to 5.5 inches of solid cardstock (base of the card). Score each of the 3 squares on a diagonal as shown in diagram #1.
  • Next you’ll need 3 squares of patterned paper cut to 5.25 inches. Score and cut each square on the diagonal so you end up with 6 triangles. You will only need 3 of the triangles for the card. See diagrams #2 and #3 for these steps.
  • Assemble the base card squares as shown below in diagram #4.
  • Glue the patterned paper triangles as shown in diagram #5.
  • Once you add the patterned paper, you can choose to affix the back of the card with glue or you can add velcro. I chose to use glue, but first I added a score line to the back panel so that you can fold the card flat for mailing. You can see how it will fold in diagram #6.
  • The last step is to decorate the card as you like.

Here’s a quick video showing how I made this card….

Just a few last tips: Be sure to use a thick cardstock for the base so it stands firmly. Also, be sure to crease all score lines thoroughly so it folds nice and flat for mailing. I hope you try out this fun card fold and share your pics! Happy Crafting!!