Fold-Its Part 1 – Turn Your Fold-Its Shaped Cards Into Easel Cards

I am addicted to the Fold-its cards by the Stamps of Life. I think I have them all – from the Stamps of Life Fold-Its, exclusive HSN Fold-Its and even from the “other” company that Stephanie Barnard used to collaborate with. Hands-down they are my favorite type of card. I wanted to see if I could create an easel card with them for some added fun; and sure enough, yes you can!

If you have never made an easel card, it is pretty simple. You can do this with a standard A2 card if you want as well. Make a top folding card base, make an additional card front (same size and shape as the card base), score halfway up the card base (front only) and then glue the additional card front to the lower half of the scored card front. This will make an easel or a stand-up card. It is probably best if I show you.

I put together a quick video (with the help of my daughter Victoria) so you can see how easy it really is to do. I am also attaching pictures so you can clearly follow the steps. I am not going into too much embellishing here, but just know you can decorate these cards as you normally would.

Just a few last tips: Use a strong glue on the front to hold the additional card front upright, it also helps if you have a nice strong crease line, and lastly, it really does help if you create a stopper on the inside of the card to help hold your easel card in the right spot. Remember to decorate your card front! I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial! Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Donna these are all gorgeous!!! Love these easels are a great idea and a great way to display these cards!!! Thanks! 💙🌻🧡


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