How To – Create A Fun And Unique Advent Calendar

In 2019, The Stamps of Life came out with the cutest Petal Box die set. You can use these dies to make ornaments or for party favors or baby blocks. You can even create boxes to use as a reward system for getting homework done quickly with a little treat in the box. I can think of so many ways to use this die set, but the first idea that came to my mind was for an advent calendar. I am going to walk you through the steps to make these adorable boxes and you will not believe how fast and simple it is. I put 4 chocolates in each box (one for each member of the family) but I think you can probably fit about 6 or so. The box fully assembled is 1.75 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches.

Supply List

Petal Box Die Set

Quirky Number Die Set

6 pieces of Red Cardstock – I used TSOL Cranberry (Choose any color you like)

6 pieces of Green Cardstock – I used TSOL Spearmint (Choose any color you like)

3 Sheets of Glitter Cardstock – 1 Red, 1 Silver, 1 Green (Choose any colors you like)

8 sheets of TSOL Patterned Paper – I used paper from the Merry and Joyful paper pads

Glue – your choice of glue – I used wet glue

Cutting and Assembling the Boxes:

1. You will need to use the main die from the petal box die set and the square die. Using the red and green paper, you will want to cut out 24 boxes with the big die. I fit two on each page so I ended up with 12 red and 12 green box cutouts.

2. Next you need to cut out the numbers. You can cut them in any color or any order you choose. I cut them from glitter cardstock in a red, silver and green in that order.

3. Once the boxes and numbers are cut, you want to cut out 96 squares. I chose to put 2 matching pairs on each box (match front/back and match left/right) but again you can do whatever you want. I was able to fold the patterned paper in 4 strips and I got 3 squares out of each strip (it was tight but worked). In all, I was able to cut 12 squares from one sheet of TSOL patterned paper. The nice thing about this paper is that it is sturdy and double sided which gives you more pattern options.

4. Now onto the assembly. You can watch the box assembly video from Stephanie Barnard if you want to be sure you are gluing in the right spots. Assemble the boxes, glue on the patterned paper squares to each side and then glue the numbers on the front. It’is that simple!

5. The fun part is deciding what treats to put in the boxes and then of course treating yourself each day!

I plan on using this advent calendar each year, so I found a small wooden tray that fits the boxes perfectly. I can’t wait to see your advent calendars or whatever else you decide to make with these cute boxes! Please share your creations, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Happy Crafting!!