Word Stand Up Dies Part 2 – Even More Ways To Use TSOL Word Stand Up Dies

I am having a lot of fun with The Stamps of Life word stand up dies these days. I thought I would show you another way to use the dies to get more out of your purchase. The word dies are an edge die that does not cut the bottom edge. So far, there are three sets of dies that have been released; the Hello die with the word stand up die set, the word stand up extras that include Love, Thanks and Smile; and the Christmas word stand up extras that include Ho Ho Ho, Merry and Noel. Let’s take a look at the many ways you can use these dies. You can use all of them with the Word Stand-Ups Die set that makes an easel card; in a previous blog post, I described how you can use these dies on a step up card; you can use these dies as stand-alone words; you can layer the words in different colors for a shadow effect; and now I am going to explain a few more techniques to cut the word dies into your card. These dies really are a great value for the money since they have so many uses!

Word Stand Up Dies Card Base

This is the originally TSOL released easel card base with the Hello die https://www.thestampsoflife.com/shop/Word-Stand-Up-Card-Dies.html

Using TSOL Word Dies as a Step Up Card

Visit my blog to find out how to use TSOL word dies in a Step Up Card: https://cardsbydecaro.blog/2019/10/27/how-to-a-different-way-to-use-tsol-word-stand-up-dies/

A Few More Ways To Use TSOL Word Dies Cut Into Your Cards

Prepare an A2 card and add the front layer as normal (card is 4.25×5.5 inches and layer is 4×5.25). Tape the word die on the front right side of the card. Make sure you open the card before you run it through your cutting machine if you only want to cut through the front layer. You will need to snip the left and right of the word to release the outer square from the word die.
This is the same technique as described above, but instead I started with a 6×6 inch card and placed the word die across the top of the card. Tape the word die down to the front and open the card before running it through your cutting machine. Snip the edges of the word die away from the card to reveal only the letters.
This is the top view so you can see that only the front side has been cut into.
This is basically the same technique except instead of cutting only through the front of the card, you cut through both the front and the back. You will probably need to add a metal shim when cutting since this needs to go through so many layers. Again, I started with a larger square card base to fit the die across the top (usually 5.5 x 5.5 or 6×6 inch card bases work great).
This is the top view so you can see that the HELLO is cut through the top and back layers. I also layered the word HELLO for a shadow effect.
This next technique cuts along a diagonal and is a really fun look! I started with a 6×6 card base and aligned the base of the die along the diagonal line from top left to bottom right.
This is such a great card and leaves plenty of room for sentiments inside.

I hope you will give these techniques a try and let me know how they turn out. Please share your creations – I would love to see what you make!  Happy Crafting!!