How To – Cool Craft and Card Making Tips

cool tools

Today’s post is a bit different than my normal posts.  I wanted to share some of the tools and gadgets I use in my everyday crafting that are well worth the cost.

How many times have you die cut an intricate die and thought how am I going to glue this?  Well, I suggest trying one of the Xyron products. Xyron adhesives basically turn anything into a sticker.   They come in various sizes and provide end-to-end coverage. I tend to reach for this one the most…. 1.5 inch Sticker Maker

xyron 1 pt 5

There is nothing worse than getting to the end of a project where you decide to add ribbon and it starts to fray ruining your project! Well no more – there is a really cool product from We R Memory Keepers called the ribbon cutter which does exactly what it says.  It cuts ribbon with a hot wire which seers the edges and prevents fraying – a total life saver!

ribbon cutter

Another tool made by Xyron that I reach for all of the time is the adhesive eraser.  If you have ever used wet glue and then touched your project with sticky fingers…. you know it leaves a mark.  This little eraser works so well at picking up unwanted glue from your projects and saving you from having to start all over. This is a definite no brainer!

adhesive eraser

This last “tool” is something you would not expect to see – it’s a pen! There is nothing worse than working on a project and getting to the end and noticing small mistakes – and it always happens.  I find if I am using colored embossing powder on a white card, or if I am stamping, stray dots always appear no matter how careful I am. My trick is to use a Uni-ball white gel pen to cover it up.  Just take a tiny dot from the pen and hide the mistake. Don’t color – just dot with the pen.  It is probably so tiny only you would know it was there to begin with, but this is the perfect way to cover it up.

white gel pen

I hope you enjoyed these tips – I will post a few more soon but I thought this was a great start! Let me know if you have favorite tools you use when crafting too! Happy Crafting!