Crafter’s Companion Subscription Box 2 – July 2018


So I am actually getting to play with this kit much quicker than last month… and I couldn’t be happier!  I have used these sparkle pens in the past, but I can definitely say that I learned some new techniques (splodging – yes splodging) and I am so much more comfortable with using them for more than just highlighting.

Sara Davies, the owner of Crafter’s Companion, has created another spectacular kit this month.  This was delivered with auto-ship through HSN so I am receiving kits monthly.  I am sure you can check out Crafter’s Companion website for more information too.  Each kit will offer different items and will show you new techniques.

This month’s kit features 3 incredible sparkle pens that can be mixed to create different shades and colors, so in reality, you don’t need more pens.  The truth is, you will want more pens once you get the hang of them. In addition to the pens, you get lots of watercolor paper and cards with coordinating envelopes.  You also get a wonderful stamp set so you can continue to experiment with different layouts.  In all, you can make a minimum of 24 cards.  Keep in mind, there is also a Facebook group that you can join once you subscribe which provides lots of community support and Sara also has a monthly card kit site that you can refer to for demos and project pages.

Here are a few of my first creations.  I tried to show that you can get different variations with these pens in each card, and I did use a few other Crafter’s Companion items along with some scrap paper to add a little more depth and dimension.


 For this first card, I used the basic color techniques to make a quick thank you note.  The sparkle up close on the card is amazing.  I used and old crimper on the daffodil image to give it a little more life.

I really like the way this note card turned out.  It was fast and yet still personal because it was hand-made.

I believe the card bases are 4×4 and they are all watercolor paper (nice heavy weight) and come with coordinating envelopes.

The next card I converted into a gatefold card.  I used the “splodging” technique on the outside flaps along with the pre-stamped butterfly resist paper.  I did add the butterfly topper to the center which I previously had from Crafter’s Companion.  I used the blue and yellow pen to create the green.  On the inside, I again used the same technique and my crimper with some holographic scraps as backing.  This card has sparkle and a real wow factor!!

I used the 4×4 cards to create the two easel cards shown below.  Just because the kit came with “standard” opening cards, it doesn’t mean you can’t add your own spin on them.

I love the way both of these turned out – so similar and yet so different. For the first, I used black cardstock for the cupcake and added the sparkle pens.  I did also use the metallic blue marker for the cupcake wrapper because I didn’t want a sheer wrapper.  The color is light from the pens on black cardstock, but in direct light you can see the color.  I also used the red to ombre the background.  The glitter cardstock is also from Crafter’s Companion. The last card on the right may be my favorite.  I used the stamps to create a pattern and just the blue pen to vary the color of the flowers. It is simple yet elegant.  For both cards, I used CC toppers to hold the easel cards upright and was able to watercolor with the sparkle pens on them to match.

I hope you have fun experimenting with these pens if you have the kit – if not, I would highly recommend you get a few colors and some watercolor paper to try this out.  So much fun and amazing sparkle.  I don’t have the August kit yet, but I think it is a stamp and die kit…. more to come on that next month!