How To Get More Value From Your Dies


You know how expensive dies can be – especially A2 size dies also known as background dies, cover up dies, or cover panel dies.  Today I am going to show you a few different ways you can use your dies to get more value out of them.  These are just a few suggestions, but keep in mind you can always change the look by adding paint, inks, embossing folders,  shaker elements, etc.

So I am starting off with 5 colored pieces of cardstock and this wonderful Swoosh die from Reverse Confetti plus some standard A2 cards in white, black and kraft cardstock. I ran the die through each of the 5 colored pieces of paper and I was very careful to save all of the pieces as well as the frames.

Once you have all of the pieces cut, all you will need is some glue or tape for your project and some micropore paper tape.  The paper tape is a removable tape that can be used to hold pieces in place, but can later be removed without damaging your card.

Next is where your creativity comes in….. Below you will see I have several examples of how I used this one die in a few different ways to create different looks.


In the first diagram, I simply took one frame and taped it to a white A2 card.  But in that same picture, you will see I added 2 frames, slightly offset, to black cardstock and it looks very different from the first card.  The frame elements are not flush with the cardstock so it adds a bit of dimension.  You can add any sort of sentiment to the inside or outside.  In the second diagram above, I not only added the frame to an A2 card, but I also “pieced” in  different colors.  This does make the card front flat, but the colors look so vibrant against one another.  Again, you can decorate and customize any way you like.

The next method is to lay down the frame and secure it to the card and your work surface with the micropore tape. Once it is in place, start to fill in the pieces in any color that you find desirable.  Make sure they are glued or taped in securely. Once completed, you can easily remove the frame and only the pieces will remain in place.  This looks particularly nice on colored cardstock because you can see the outline clearly.

These are just a few simple ways to use your dies in differently.  As I mentioned earlier, you have so many options with background or cover dies.  Instead of using solid cardstock, you could use watercolor paper and create a rainbow effect or you could ink the cardstock in different colors and when you lift the frame the color variations will show through.  Another option to consider is running each of the pieces through an embossing folder so that would add texture.  So many things you can do to change the look.  And don’t forget you can enhance the cards by adding bling, ribbon, glitter pens or different sentiments to suit your needs.  I hope you found this interesting – drop me some feedback if there are any other topics you want me to cover in the future!  Happy Crafting!