My Talented Daughters….

As you may already know, I have twin 11 year old daughters that craft with me all the time.  They have been crafting since they were little and they really know their way around a craft room!  They know many of the designers and are very familiar with all of the different shops. I love that they share this passion with me and I am very proud of them for always remembering others with their cards and for their willingness to try new things.  I am dedicating this post to some of their more recent cards!

Here are a few of the cards that Victoria has recently made…. she loves a good challenge.  Her favorite style is Iris Paper Folding.  She is so quick too!  Vee also likes to make shaker cards.  Victoria even has her own Instagram page dedicated to her cardmaking… @cardsbyveevee  Check her out if you get a chance!

Next up, are a few of cards made by Olivia…. she is pretty focused on what she wants to do and I would say her favorite style is anything that has to do with “happy” colors.  She’s good at stamping and die cutting too as you can see!

As you can see from all of these amazing cards, they are pretty talented for 11 year olds! We are planning on going to a Scrapbooking Craft Event in the summer and taking a class with one of our favorite designers, Stephanie Barnard.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these talented girls!! xoxo